SEO Marketing Strategy
for Local Service Companies

SEO marketing company SEO strategy for local service companies

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

For Local Service Companies


There are over 2 BILLION (yes billion, with a B) websites on the internet.


46% of ALL searches on Google are for a local business or a local service.

1 in 2 Billion

When a potential customer searches online for your type of business, are you being found & hired.

Are you 1 in 2 Billion?!
SEO search results are you showing

Why do you need SEO?!

You’re missing out on business if you don’t show in Google when people search for what you do.

SEO. Simply put, is HOW you get found online.

SEO is short for

It’s basically, various ways that you help search engines understand and present your content.

  • Are you showing in search results?
  • How well are YOU ranking?
  • Are you beating your competition?

How does SEO help?

People search online for services, and you want to be found for the services you offer. Optimizing your website helps you:

  • Increase qualified leads
  • Decrease ad spend
  • Beat the competition – AKA competitive advantage
  • Rank higher in local search results
  • Reach more potential clients
  • Meet company goals
  • Maximize PPC Campaigns
  • Plan for long-term exponential growth
  • Build credibility and trust with audiences
  • Build PR for your company
  • Improve organic marketing

SEO Services

SEO Strategy Home service companies

SEO Strategy & Consulting

(This service is for people that want a blueprint showing what needs to be done to optimize your SEO.)

Because KICKASS marketing results don’t just happen by chance.

SEO Strategy is simply a “Road Map” that provides you focus, clarity, and direction. Without one, your efforts to attract customers will be haphazard and inefficient.

  • In person or virtual sessions.
  • Learn how to do your own SEO better and more efficiently.
  • List of priority items.
  • Improve your website and organic marketing so you show in search results.

SEO Audits & SEO Reports

You have people doing your marketing, but are they missing something?!

Evaluation of your website and SEO to identify errors & opportunities. The SEO Audit Report: 

  • Identifies missed opportunities
  • Provides list of action items that will help improve your SEO
  • Analysis of technical aspects that are often overlooked (even by marketers)
Regular SEO Audits ensure that nothing is getting missed or swept under the rug. After all, SEO is an extremely important part of marketing – since it’s HOW you get found online by potential clients! 

What Clients Are Saying:

"Maryann made me feel at ease, took me through the process, and got results that I didn't think would be possible. Do yourself a favor, work with Maryann!"
"You have one chance to make a first impression. One! I would recommend Maryann to any person or organization."