Marketing Courses & Consulting
for Local Service Companies

Do your own marketing better and more efficiently.

Consulting & Courses (for local service companies)

Strategy Sessions

Because KICKASS marketing results don’t just happen by chance.
  • In person or virtual strategy sessions – so you can do your own marketing better and more efficiently.
  • Marketing Strategy is a “Road Map” that provides you focus, clarity, and direction. Without one, your efforts to attract customers will be haphazard and inefficient.
SEO Consultations for Local Service Companies

SEO Consulting

(seo = search engine optimization)
Basically SEO are ways to improve your website so you can get found in search results.

  • In person or virtual SEO consultations.
  • Actionable steps so you can optimize your website and get found online.
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Marketing Courses

Learn how to do your own marketing better and more efficiently.

cell phone photography class workshop with smyrna photographer maryann davidson

Photography Classes​

Learn to take better photos with your cellphone for your social media and website. The right photos can actually give you a competitive edge.

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