“Present yourself always as who you would be, and that is the person the world will see.”

―Robert Brault―


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business portrait and headshot:


A headshot is the most important photo on your website and social media because it is THE photo that represents you. It is the first thing that people see when they browse your profile and this is the mental image people are going to recall. I have studied not only photography, but also psychology, marketing, and branding so with this knowledge I am able to help my clients send the right message with their headshot.


  • Does your profile photo headshot match the level of quality you provide?


If a picture is worth a thousand words, what are your photos saying? Do they match the level of quality you provide? In today's competitive world, 80% of people will research your company online. Your photos are out there advertising your business to the world 24/7/365, yet most people post photos that are "good enough" without realizing the message they are sending their audience. Your photos can turn people away or inspire them to connect to you. The right photographs can actually give you a competitive edge. Make that 1st impression count with professional photographs by Maryann Davidson Photography.

You should have a professional headshot for LinkedIn, your website, and all social media because . . . "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." -Oscar Wilde-

I specialize in photographing people that don't like to have their photos taken.

I want people to be comfortable in front of the camera and with their photographs.


What are things we can do together . . .

  • Think the camera adds 10 pounds? The right poses will actually make you look thinner.
  • Don't like your double chin? We can pose to minimize or remove completely
  • Don't like the bags under eyes? Proper lighting and photo equipment can leave that baggage behind.
  • Don't like wrinkles? -  Our lines are charming and beautiful, but proper lighting can soften them.


A combination of flattering poses and good lighting goes a long way, but one of the things I've studied is the art of facial expressions. Even babies recognize facial expressions! Slight variations can be the difference between looking friendly and looking eager. I just can't ask a client to smile and expect a genuine expression - It takes time to entertain and engage people. BUT the reward is a photograph that shows something real and someone that people will want to connect with.



No veteran should ever be homeless or without a job. I offer free professional business headshots for unemployed vets looking for work or vets transitioning from military life back to civilian life. Because of heroes like you, I am able to pursue my passion and live the American dream. If you know a vet who could use my service, please have them call me directly. 678-603-0804