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chess pieces for analogy of importance of researching competitor analysis maryann davidson

Why It’s Important to Research Your Competitors

It can be important to research competitors in order to compare their website, SEO, business profiles, and social media for a few reasons: To Understand the Competitive Landscape By researching competitors, you can get a sense of what other businesses in your market are doing and how they are positioning

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6 Factors That Go into SEO Strategy

There are many different factors that go into a good SEO strategy, including: Keyword Research Deep dive into identifying keywords and phrases that people use to search for your type of services. On-page Optimization Ensuring that your website’s content and structure are optimized for search engines, including the use of

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business goals notebook because seo strategy starts with right business goals

SEO Strategy Starts With Business Goals in Mind

A good SEO strategy should start with business goals in mind because it helps to ensure that all of the effort and resources being put into SEO are aligned with the overall objectives of the business. This can help to make the most of limited resources and ensure that the

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planning the importance of seo strategy

Importance of SEO Strategy

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of improving & optimizing your website so that the pages of your website rank higher in search results. This is important because higher ranking websites are more likely to receive traffic from search engines, which can lead to increased visibility, more customers,

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Why SEO is Important in Crowded Industry

SEO is important in crowded industries like plumbing because it helps to increase the visibility of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs). This is important because it allows your website to stand out among the competition and helps to attract more potential customers to your business. Imagine that

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client surprised face at seeing 4 seo misconceptions maryann davidson

4 SEO Misconceptions

There are several misconceptions about SEO that many people believe to be true: Misconception: Paid Advertising Misconception: “I can just fork out money for ads on Google or Facebook, so I don’t need to worry about SEO.” Counterpoint: While paid advertising can be effective, it is not a substitute for

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