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People Along the Kauai Kalalau Trail by Atlanta Maryann Davidson Photography

A half a mile into the hike along the Kalalau Trail, we walked up on a couple – The female was struggling on the slippery rocks and made it more than clear she was ready to turn back but the husband wanted to keep going. We struck up casual conversation and found a few common interests. As the trail got steeper and muddier, he wondered if Captain Cook had blazed the trail we were hiking. She, having misheard, was shocked that Peter Pan’s Captain Hook had discovered Hawaii. We had a few laughs and before we knew it, we reached the beach (mile marker 2). They thanked us for hiking with them stating we were a welcome distraction. They were going to rest and turn back. We forged on.
About 1/2 mile further up the Kalalau Trail, we came across a couple hiking out. One look at them and you knew something was wrong… they had to give up and turned back only 15 min from the end, because they set out unprepared without adequate supplies. We opened our bags and gave them some food for their journey. The next day, we stumbled upon them. They thanked us once again for our kindness. I thought it wasn’t a big deal and hoped that anyone would do the same under the circumstances. They told us about another hiker that slipped on the rocks and broke his leg yesterday. The terrain is hard enough in the best of conditions; but well after dark, 5 people carried him off the mountain. They should all be commended for their courage and strong will.
On the way off the mountain, Nearing the end of the Kalalau Trail, 2 barefoot guys were hiking in to spend a couple of days—and they were carrying a ukulele. Not to let the chance of listening to music pass by, I asked if they would play. It didn’t take much persuasion. A private concert in a unique location – high on a switchback, in the middle of the trail, overlooking the ocean – Sublime’s Saw Red (Hawaiian Style). 

The last few switchbacks were becoming increasing difficult for me and I was needing to rest more often. A red crested Cardinal flew down and landed on the trail. As it hopped along, I was frustrated jokingly commenting that it was mocking because it has wings and can fly; but, here it is hopping along the trail just a few feet in front. A gentleman came around the corner in the opposite direction so it took flight to a nearby tree. When he passed, the bird came right back down. The cardinal hopped along the trail for about a quarter of a mile through 2 switchbacks. He finally flew up to a tree at the peak, singing. My frustration turned to admiration because this beautiful creature was a distraction on the final climb of the Kalalau Trail.
“Some roads aren’t meant to be traveled alone.” – Proverb

People Along the Kauai Kalalau Trail by Atlanta Maryann Davidson Photography

by: Atlanta Photographer Maryann Davidson _ (c) all rights reserved
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