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Use a Step-by-Step Process to Visually Show Your Services

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As a home service company, it’s important to capture your work flow from beginning to end. Through video or a series of photos, you’re able to visually show future clients a step-by-step process of your services. Clients will get a better understanding of what will happen when you do work for them.

For example, if you say to the client “I will need to dig up the asphalt in your parking lot.” What goes through the client’s head could be the worse thing imaginable – total destruction and major disruption. But in reality, you do a nice clean cut and repair the hole afterwards, like you were never even there.

So showing photos or video of a previous job, you’re able to visually ease the mind of the client and explain to them exactly what will happen prior to doing the work. 

Benefits of showing your process:

You’ll win more jobs if you take the time to capture the process of each service, because you’re helping potential clients visualize the entire process. You’ll also save time and money with your marketing because those images and videos are versatile – you can use them throughout your website, on social media, in marketing materials, and over a dozen more places.

Example of showing your process:

Directional Boring process for trinity plumbing llc home service marketing

The example above is a series of photos for Trinity Plumbing, LLC in Acworth, GA. One of their services is Directional Boring (a technique that is used to perform necessary plumbing repairs or maintenance without complete excavation). This particular day they were able to repair and replace plumbing lines underneath the apartment buildings through an access hole cut in the parking lot. By doing this, there was minimal disruption to the tenants. The photo timeline above shows the process from beginning to job completion.

  • cutting a small whole in asphalt
  • removing asphalt
  • digging hole in middle of parking lot
  • fresh paved asphalt at end of the day

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