Love Your Neighbors Project - 2018

Honoring Ordinary Citizens Who Impact the Lives of Others in a Positive Way



ABOUT: Love Your Neighbors Project is to recognize and celebrate people who make a real difference to the community (that they live in or serve). Getting to know our neighbors creates a stronger community.



WHO CAN NOMINATE: Anyone who is aware of a fellow citizen, neighbor, co-worker, etc. who deserves recognition for their positive impact on the community (Smyrna, Vinings, Cumberland, Galleria, Vinings Estates)



WHO CAN BE NOMINATED: Nominee must live in, serve, or have an impact on the community of Smyrna, Vinings, Cumberland, Galleria, Vinings Estates.



ADVICE: We want to understand what makes the person you are nominating the amazing person that you believe he or she is. To help get you get started writing about your nominee, below are a few suggestions:


  • explain their good deeds and how they have impacted individuals, families, or the community-at-large in a positive way
  • give details about how your nominee has dedicated their time to helping others and how they have gone "above and beyond"
  • include as many facts and supportive data as possible, including how many people your nominee has impacted or how many hours of service he or she has committed
  • emphasize the attributes or details that you believe help distinguish your nominee from other nominees
  • highlight their remarkable story or noteworthy contributions
  • give details about why your nominee is so passionate, dedicated, driven, caring . . .





31 December 2017 –  Nominations Open

31 January 2018 –  Nominations Close

14 February 2018 – Finalists will be notified

15 - 28 February  2018 – Interviews and Photoshoots

31 March 2018 – Ceremony

April Magazine – Story Spotlights



RECOGNITION: 5 Nominees will receive recognition. Recognition will include:


  • Interview by Our Town Monthly Magazine
  • Portrait Photoshoot by Maryann Davidson Photography
  • Spotlighted in April 2018's Issue of Our Town Monthly Magazine
  • Highlighted online and on social media
  • Ceremony at Neighbors Feed & Seed Supply Co's Spring Festival
  • Portrait hung as outdoor art at Neighbors Feed & Seed Supply Co.
  • Dinner for 2



SELECTION PROCESS: A 5-member panel of citizens will consider all eligible nominations. We will select finalists and do our best to independently verify the information provided. Among those finalists, the panel will meet and select 5 nominees that will receive recognition.


If you have any questions or would like more information, please email LoveYourNeighborsProject@gmail.com


For Sponsorship Opportunities, please contact us at LoveYourNeighborsProject@gmail.com

Love Your Neighbors Project is a collaboration between:

Maryann Davidson Photography

Neighbors Feed & Seed Supply Co.

Our Town Monthly Family Lifestyle News Magazine

and kind people like YOU for taking the time to nominate someone.



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