Marketing Courses & Consulting
for Local Service Companies

Be Better at Marketing Than Your Competitors

Marketing & Photography Clourses

…so you can do your own marketing better AND more efficiently!

Marketing Strategy Course

  • Because KICKASS marketing results don’t just happen by chance.
  • Focus, clarity, and direction for all your marketing efforts.

Photography Course (PHONEtography)

  • Learn how to take professional looking photos with your phone.
  • Marketing and Photography go hand and hand.
  • Eye catching visuals add more oomph to your marketing, grabs attention, engages your audience, enhances your message, and helps you stand out.

SEO Course (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Learn how to Optimize your visibility online.
  • Improve your website so it works effectively even while you sleep.

Competitor Analysis Course

  • Learn how to analyze your competitors so you can be effective and strategic at beating the competition.
  • Knowing where you stand gives you a leg up on the competition.

Content Calendar Course

  • Learn how to simplify content creation so you can connect with your audience more consistently AND effectively.
  • Don’t struggle with what to post. Leave behind sporadic, stale, and boring.

New Online Courses Coming Fall 2022

Marketing & Photography classes for businesses want do their own marketing better and more efficiently.