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Quick Tips to Improve Your Marketing

Quick tips & guidance for better and more efficient marketing.

  • Marketing is all about communicating value.
  • Branding is how your company, products, and services are perceived by others.
  • Strategy is a “Road Map” that provides you focus, clarity, and direction. Without one, your efforts to attract customers will be haphazard and inefficient.
rename images before uploading for better seo

Improve SEO with Photos

File Name Your camera produces an image and then names it something like: IMG00123. You then put that image on your website. The problem is – potential customers aren’t searching for IMG00123 to find your type of business. When searching on the internet, people use keywords and keyword phrases. If

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sign 2 important items for blog posts consistency relevancy

2 Important Items for Blog Posts

There are 2 important items when it comes to blog posts – Consistency and Relevancy. Consistency and relevancy are important because they help to establish trust and credibility with your audience. Here are a few specific reasons why these factors are important: Overall, by focusing on consistency and relevancy in

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