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Maryann - Marketing Strategist & Professional Photographer

Hello, I’m Maryann – marketing strategist & professional photographer. I help local business beat the competition (only figuratively). 

In-person marketing strategy AND/or online classes so you can do your own marketing better and more efficiently.

Google Marketing Certifications

The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Certificate ID: PRH 4NV RKC
• Search Engine Marketing
• Google Analytics
• Mobile Marketing
• Creating a Local Search Presence

Google Analytics for Beginners Certified​

• Introducing Google Analytics
• The Google Analytics layout
• Basic Reporting
• Basic Campaign and Conversion Tracking

Advanced Google Analytics Certified

• Data Collection and Processing
• Setting Up Data Collection and Configuration
• Advanced Analysis Tools and Techniques
• Advanced Marketing Tools

Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)

Completion ID: 19958524
• planning and principles
• implementation and data collection
• configuration and administration
• conversion and attribution
• reports, metrics, and dimensions


Maryann Davidson Bridge


• determined
• creative
• a passionate contributor


• to drive connection and engagement
• to be real and communicate with candor
• to provide more than just a photo

core values...

• “good enough” is not good enough
• never stop learning and improving
• quality over quantity
• the answer is “Yes”, “What was the question?!”

about me

• I was born on my birthday.
• The theme song from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is my ringtone.
My bucketlist is currently 7 pages long, and growing.
• I have walked through an operating car wash.
• I’ve driven the entire length of I-75.
• The Kodak Brownie Hawkeye was my first film camera, which I still have.
• The first photograph I sold was to a newspaper, in 1992.
• Cool Hand Luke and Shawshank Redemption are my favorite movies.
• I was born the oldest but raised the youngest!
• Treppenwitz (German word that I find relevant all too often.)
• Running up the down escalator is both fun and exhausting.
• I live by 2 mottos: Passion Fuels Purpose and Carpe Diem.
• I’m allergic to mayonnaise, cucumbers, and writing artist statements.


Bucket Lists. Live music. Quotes. Traveling. Random shadows. Reflections.

Andy Dufresne. Morgan Freeman. Ansel Adams. Edgar Allan Poe. Van Gogh. The man with no name. Cool Hand Luke. Buddy Guy. Helen Keller. Amelia Earhart. Louis Zamperini. Randy Pausch.

Chance encounters. Life changing conversations. The Lady or the Tiger? Breakfast for dinner. Random acts of dessert. Spaghetti Westerns. Stained glass windows. Graffiti. Sunsets. Antique Cameras. Unusual facts and trivia. Asking forgiveness instead of permission.

A + B = 3. Stating the obvious. Acoustic Guitars. Deja Vu. Weekend hiking and biking. Into the Woods. Bluebirds. Literally stopping to smell the flowers. Common sense and common courtesy.

Living in the moment. Learning. Failing. Doing. Forgiving. Surviving. Mentoring. Volunteering.


I’m located in Smyrna (NW Atlanta, GA area), but my clients span the globe. I would be honored to add you to the list of happy clients.

So What's Next?

There’s no other way to put it – Contact me and let’s get to work making your marketing better. 678-603-0804