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Paris by Photographer Maryann Davidson Photography

Paris Photography In Paris for a photo assignment – It’s Fashion Week. I have been to many places all over the world, but this is my first time in Paris. Excited because there will be a good balance of work days and off days. I am looking forward to photographing

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Love Your Neighbors Project

Love Your Neighbors Project Honoring Ordinary Citizens Who Impact the Lives of Others in a Positive Way. ABOUT: Love Your Neighbors Project recognizes and celebrates people who make a real difference to the community (that they live in or serve). Getting to know our neighbors creates a stronger community. Andre Gomez

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Use a Step-by-Step Process to Visually Show Your Services

As a home service company, it’s important to capture your work flow from beginning to end. Through video or a series of photos, you’re able to visually show future clients a step-by-step process of your services. Clients will get a better understanding of what will happen when you do work

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Maryann Davidson Photography - Blue Self Portrait Photography Featured

Blue by Atlanta Portrait Photographer Maryann Davidson Photography

Studio strobes aimed and set bright, Skin powdered translucent white, Lips and fingernails painted blue, Blue hair and blue eyelashes too, Bright blue eyes And blue butterflies, A blue mask with wispy blue feathers, Just Blue Together. ‘ Portrait Photography Magazine Photoshoot: These are photos from a recent magazine photoshoot

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