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Does your profile photo match the level of quality you provide?

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A picture is worth a thousand words – What does your profile photo say?


Write down 3 adjectives that describe your BUSINESS and your Profile Photo (commonly referred to as a headshot).

Adjectives will vary based on your unique personality and your profession. The adjectives I typically hear from my clients are: Approachable, Friendly, and Professional.

A defense attorney might want theirs to say Confident, No-nonsense, and Top of Their Game. Whereas a veterinarian might want theirs to say Friendly, Respectable, and Knowledgeable.

Defining who you are makes your marketing easier.


Show your headshot to at least 10 people (preferably potential customers or random strangers). Ask them to use 3 adjectives to describe your headshot.

Please DON’T ask your family or friends. They are completely biased by their love for you – they won’t tell you the honest truth. (Do I look fat in this?!) And they will naturally go for the big happy smiley photographs of you every time without considering what the images are being used for.


Tally up ALL their words. Is there a disconnect between your words and their words? Do your photos match the level of quality you provide?

A business portrait headshot is the most IMPORTANT photo on your website and social media because it is THE PHOTO that represents you. It is the first thing that people see when they browse your profile and this is the mental image they’re going to recall.

of people will research you and your company online BEFORE making a decision

your photos are online advertising around the clock, even while you sleep

In today’s competitive world, 80% of people will research you online before making a decision. 80%! Your photos are advertising to the world 24/7/365, yet most  people use photos that are “good enough” without realizing the message they are sending. Bad photos can leave a negative impression. The right photographs can actually give you a COMPETITIVE EDGE. Remember, on the internet people don’t have to make excuses to walk away and choose your competition. Having high quality images for your business and brand is a priority.


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