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Baiting the Hook: Using Blog Posts to Reel in Potential Customers

Yesterday a client asked me why blog posts are important on his website and how those blog posts are going to help his service-based business. I thought the following analogy would help explain how to reel in potential customers by baiting the hook with helpful blog posts on your website.

Fishing Analogy

Imagine that your website is a fishing net that is cast out into the vast ocean of the internet. Without a way to attract the fish to the net, the net will be empty and your business won’t catch any fish.

Now imagine that each blog post is like a baited hook that is attached to the net. With each blog post, the business is adding more hooks to the net, each one baited with valuable information or insights that are relevant to potential customers.

As more hooks are added, more fish are attracted to the net, and the likelihood of catching the desired fish (i.e. potential customers) increases. Over time, the net becomes fuller and the business is able to catch more of the fish it wants.

By regularly adding high-quality blog posts to your website, your business can attract more visitors and potential customers, establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, and ultimately increase your chances of catching the fish you want (i.e. driving traffic to your services and converting visitors into customers).

In the same way that a skilled fisherman knows which bait to use to catch the right fish, companies that create helpful blog posts can attract more qualified leads by offering the right information to the right audience at the right time.

And your website is the best fisherman (marketer/networker), because it’s catching fish 24/7, even while you are sound asleep. So keep your website up-to-date and catch the fish you want.

In all Seriousness

The right blog content and strategic keywording, will attract people to your website. Depending on the services you offer, those blog posts can attract not just readers but qualified leads (people who may be interested in the services you offer).

Writing helpful blog posts can be important for companies to attract qualified leads based on the questions a person asks the search engine query.

Someone might do a search for, “How can I lose love handles?” So a plastic surgeon writing a few blog posts around the topic of “Belly Fat”, can attract readers to learn how to lose belly fat. Once on the website, they learn that they’re a skilled and caring surgeon, that can get rid of their belly fat fast!

Helpful blog posts (that answer people’s search query questions) are important for few reasons:

Establish Authority

By creating a high-quality website with informative blog posts on topics related to the services you offer, you can establish yourself as a thought leader and expert in your industry. This can help to build trust with potential customers and make them more likely to consider your company’s services.

Drive Traffic

When blog posts are optimized for relevant keywords and topics, they can attract more traffic to your website from search engines like Google. This can help to bring in more potential customers who are actively searching for information on topics related to the services your company offers. That is the key. Find out what your potential customer is asking, and be the helpful person providing answers through your blog posts.

Target Specific Audiences

By creating blog posts that are tailored to the specific needs and interests of different audiences, you can attract more qualified leads who are more likely to be interested in your services. For example, a dentist might create blog posts on topics like “sudden tooth pain” or “things you should know about dental insurance” to attract customers who fall into those categories.

Take Time to Strategize Good Helpful Blog Posts

Overall, creating helpful blog posts that are optimized for relevant keywords and topics can be a valuable way for your business to attract more qualified leads and ultimately grow your business. So take the time to brainstorm ideas for blog posts. Then set aside time to strategize blog post content and links.

Happy Fishing

In the same way that a skilled fisherman knows which bait to use to catch the right fish, your company can create helpful blog posts to attract more qualified leads by offering the right information to the right audience at the right time. Happy Fishing.

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